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Episode 196: The Cancelled Show…Sorta

Do to some traveling conflicts there will not be a show tomorrow evening… We will return on Sunday to bring you all the changes. For those that just need a fill of something… We have included a couple the Trader No Goh saga, when he leaves his store to his nephew, and meets the TSA.

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Episode 146: London Bridge Is Burning Down

Pete and Jen are without Jana and feel lost. They discuss the bug fixes made by Zynga. Pete provides insight into plagiarism and makes a shocking analogy. There is a destination on the horizon as well as a Secret District and they both involve fire! Will the players get burned? Mafia Poker and Caesar’s Mystery […]

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Episode 124: Its’ All About The Packaging

In Jen’s absence we had fairly quick show. Chester stopped by to say high, while Mike Nester found his way out of the Hopper long enough to get a jab in at Chester. Pistol Pete covers game changes from a 50, 000 ft view, waiting anxiety for Jen’s return to get more detail. Pistol Pete […]

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