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Episode 259: Surplus of Spocklets

This episode has a little dose of everything MW, ranging from Icing to Victory coins.  In addition, as the title states, the crew at Spockholm has been busy.

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Episode 240: Your “LUCKY STREAK” Is Going To Cost You BIG!!

There are lots of issues with the game and refreshes are driving players crazy. Two new types of events, Lucky Streak and the Face-Off are reviewed and of course each one has several Zynga factors. Weird things involving old destinations are happening and 4 new Raven achievements have been added. Team Spockholm takes on a […]

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Episode 204: Crew Still On The Mend Skype Virus Unrelated

The crew is on the mend, however a Skype Virus is traversing the Internet so make sure you do not open unknown links from trusted contacts.  The new Secret District has hit the game and the gnay discusses ratio's and some strategy.  Jenn notices the drop rate on Victory Coins has deminished and wonders if […]

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