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Episode 271: It’s All About The People

We have a strong belief that what makes this game what is it is the people who play it. We take some time to discuss the potential of resurrecting community style mock wars., giving players a chance to really meet new players. We also spend some time discussing the issues around event fatigue and how it does force players away. It seems more and more the events for holidays seem more geared to spending (ie marketplace) and less about just doing something a little different to break the game up.

Episode 270: Nothing Good Happens After Midnight, But It Sure Is Funny

This show it is just Pistol Pete and Jen. Jana is taking a sick day.  The discussion is mainly about the stock pile of activities Zynga has once again thrown at us. We also talk in detail about a few strategies to help tackle some of these events.  We have yet another Special News report from the Rebelman. This one will explain the title.

Episode 269: Mafia Wars is Truly About The People

Apologizes lead the show. Pistol Pete has several for the crew and listeners. The game is in break mode. We have several repeat events to contend with but for the most part you can take advantage, and play as you want. Jen talks some about the Zynga growth model and purchase of a mobile gaming company.

Episode 268: Who Moved My URL?

For all the fans of the great change management book Who moved my Cheese? You will appreciate the title of this show.  It was a busy week at Spockholm contending with the url change Zynga place on its user base.  We are not criticizing or questioning the need to change it. Companies do things like it all the time. It just highlights how agile and responsive the Spock Team is.

During the mad dash to change all the scripts. A new feature was accidentally released into the wild for Golden Toolbar users.  The level-me-up button. A fancy one click option to jump quickly to the next level, providing you have the right ratio to make it happen.

In general Mafia Wars news we have a New Mission (released early for VIP), we have a new Operation Event, and new Ice Event.  We have also seen a correction to the level cap requirements. The increase in experience necessary drops from the approx. 50% increase to 10%.  Still making the game playable when a person hits the cap. However, making it extremely challenging. So if you are a serial leveler.  You might want to insure your ratio is as low as you can possibly get it.

Episode 267: Some Small Talk

Not really any deep thought provoking conversation.  Oddly, we start out with some weather talk.  Sorry we just could not help it, becuase it is COLD. Good Mafia Wars playing weather.  We delve into the NERF talk.  Yup, Zynga did it again and wait until you hear their explanation.  We discuss the maintenance and the timing. We also spend a good bit of time talking about ratio and leveling.